General Features

  • The vehicles with 4x4 specification are converted to ambulances depending on customer requirements. In addition to standard equipments below, rescue kits such as front, winch, rear hook, cutter-spreader can be added to the vehicle.
  • Storage compartments.
  • Attendant or doctor seat (as requested).
  • Cabin inner coating.
  • Handhold.
  • IV hanger.
  • Antibacterial PVC floor coating or epoxy coating.
  • Heat and sound isolation and additional metal coating.
  • ECR65 standard light bar and siren alarm device.
  • Electronic panel / rectifier / invertor.
  • 220 V external plug-in and cable.
  • Canin inner lighting (LED).
  • 220V and 12V plugs.
  • Medical equipments as requested.