General Features

  • Cabinet system at left side produced by mdf or foambord, medical material rack with glass cover and division
  • Right side triple companion seat or storage area at the beneath the single or double seats.
  • Side casings are aluminum composite panel or ABS (plastic) casing.
  • Roof aluminum composite panel cover
  • Handing pipes.
  • Serum hangers
  • Antibacteriologic pvc floor cover or epoxy cover
  • Partition wall mdf or cabinet with drawer formed by foambord material.
  • Electrical washbasin/storage of dirty water-clean water
  • Heat and voice isolation and addition iron sheet covers
  • Openable closable separator seat
  • Head lamp and siren system with Ecr65 standard
  • Electronic panel/redresor/invertor
  • External 220v. input and extension cable.
  • Internal light (ledli)
  • 220v. and 12 v sockets